Short Cuts: A Personal Approach to Editing Short Films

I wrote the following for myself over a Christmas vacation in my hometown. On a lark I e-mailed this to a few magazines, and within 48 hours I agreed to have it published in a future issue of Moviescope Magazine in the UK. This appeared in print as a feature in the July-August 2012 issue.…

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I Like To Watch: Brian DePalma’s Body Double

Brian DePalma is an avowed practitioner of pure cinema. It can be argued that his masterful ability to tell a story visually can only be matched by his predecessor Alfred Hitchcock. Some critics have been negative towards DePalma for borrowing many of Hitchcock’s “go-to” thematic elements, but often overlook many of the formal elements that…

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Trash, Art, and the Movies

I love this article, excerpted from Paul Rossen’s webpage. Pauline Kael, Harper’s, February 1969. Like those cynical heroes who were idealists before they discovered that the world was more rotten than they had been led to expect, we’re just about all of us displaced persons, “a long way from home.” When we feel defeated, when…

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